Best Car Ramps Reviews – Our Top 3 Choices

Choosing a Dependable Car Ramp

There are times when lifting your vehicle to a height necessary to work beneath it is a necessity. Unfortunately, jacks that are included with most modern vehicles leave a lot to be desired. They also don’t instill much confidence when it comes to feeling safe under your 4,000-pound car.

Steel or aluminum floor jacks are a reasonable option, but also come with their own set of drawbacks. These include some of the heavy duty models weighing as much as 100 pounds, gaskets which could conceivably fail with you under a lifted car or truck, and being cost-prohibitive when compared to many other types of automotive ramps.

However, one truly great alternative exists and serves as a happy medium between the cheap jack that comes with your vehicle and an expensive floor jack. Low profile car ramps are made from very strong, lightweight materials, are easy to move into place, have weight tolerances unmatched by floor jacks, and come in pairs making them extremely useful in your garage, shop, or on your trailer while you’re out and about.

Below are three top choices of automotive ramps made from a wide range of materials, designed to serve different functions, and competitively priced given all they can do when it comes time to perform maintenance or repairs on your car, truck, or even motorhome.

RhinoGear 11909ABMI RhinoRamps Vehicle Ramp

RhinoGear-11909-RhinoRamps-Vehicle-RampsWhen it comes to reasonably priced oil change ramps, there are few better choices than the 11909ABMI RhinoRamps Vehicle Ramp from RhinoGear.

With its patented polymer design for unparalleled support, wide track to accommodate 9-inch tires, and lightweight design bring these bad boys in at under 20-pounds for the pair it’s virtually impossible to beat the performance edge of the 11909ABMI Vehicle Ramp. But don’t be fooled by its low price. This is no cheap set of plastic car ramps for lifting your vehicle. Rather, their 12,000lb gross vehicle weight (GVH) will give you supreme confidence when it comes time to spend some quality time on the underside of your car or truck.

The 11909ABMI Vehicle Ramps have been designed with the lower profile automobiles and car trailers in mind. They include just 17 degrees, gradually and gently lifting your vehicle into place. Specially designed with CoreTRAC non-slip materials, these low profile ramps significantly reduce the risks associated with automobile slippage while lifted.

When the work has been completed, they’ve been designed for easy storage and stand on-end protruding less than 12-inches at their most distance measurement.

  • Rugged design for years of dependable use
  • Lightweight at just 18.8 pounds
  • 12,000 gross vehicle weight capacity
  • Non-slip design for added safety

Race Ramps RR-56 56-inch Race Ramp

Race Ramps RR-56-2For the ultimate in lightweight portability, it’s going to be very hard to beat the Race Ramps RR-56 Race Ramp. Made from extremely durable materials, the solid-core design of these 56-inch show and display ramps makes them incredibly strong while weighing in at just 10-pounds each. The included strap makes these plastic car ramps easy to move, maneuver, and store when the task is finished.

The Race Ramps RR-56 low profile car ramps are ideal for lifting the front end of your show car to display its awesome power plant at car shows. They’ve been specifically designed with no-slip materials that prevent scooting, slipping, and sliding and are guaranteed to not scuff or scratch floors and won’t leave scuff marks behind.

With a maximum lifting and support capacity of 3,000-pounds per pair, these are ideal ramps for lifting either end of many of today’s passenger cars. Also great if you’re a light-duty truck owner who prefers to do his own oil changes and undercarriage maintenance and repairs.

  • Lightweight construction at just 20 pounds per set of two
  • Non-skid surface ensures stability and safety
  • 100 percent solid core design for maximum structural support
  • Included straps for easy lifting and storage

72-inch Aluminum Car Hauler Trailer Ramps Hybrid

72' Aluminum Car Hauler Trailer Ramps Hybrid.pngSometimes car and truck ramps are designed to serve a different purpose. Getting a vehicle of any kind—passenger car, truck, tractor, or ATV—atop a transport trailer can be a very daunting task, and can become quite dangerous if equipment specially designed for the job isn’t used.

The 72-inc Aluminum Car Hauler Trailer Ramps are just that kind of automotive tool. Specially designed with attachment hooks, these ramps are built to get various automobiles and other vehicles on top of transport trailers and car haulers without the ramps slipping or pulling away. The 2,500-pound per axle capacity makes them useful for most of today’s modern passenger vehicles and trucks. They’re also great for farm machinery, machinery, and utility ATVs.

The 72-inch length and 12-inch width ensures smooth, gradual, and secure movement both on and off transport trailers and car haulers. The 4-inch depth adds a tremendous amount of structural integrity, and at just 45-pounds per pair they’re easy to move and to get into optimum position.

  • Wide plate ensures vehicle stability
  • Attachment hooks work with most trailers and haulers
  • 2,500-pound per axle capacity
  • Lightweight aluminum design at just 45 pounds per pair

How to Select the Proper Car Ramp

Before making any purchasing decision about car ramps, it’s important you know why you need them and how they’ll be used.

Purpose—Identifying the main purpose for purchasing car ramps is fairly straightforward. Do you need oil change ramps? Do you need inexpensive ramps that aren’t cheap in design? Do you need heavy duty ramps to lift tremendous weight? Do you need to move vehicles on and off transport trailers? Once you’ve identified your reasons, you’ll then know which type of car ramp you will need.

Height and Weight—Identifying how much weight will need to be lifted is important. Lighter passenger cars and trucks weight between 4,000- and 5,000-pounds. Heavier trucks can weight twice that as can some farm equipment. Knowing how much clearance you will need beneath your vehicle for repairs and maintenance will inform your decision on the maximum height of the ramps.

No matter your reason for needing car ramps, be certain to get the features you need, the design and materials best suited for the job, and a final price in line with the most typical reasons you’re choosing to purchase low profile car ramps.

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