Best Floor Jack for SUVs and Trucks

Lifting High-Profile Vehicles

If you’ve been wondering if sport utility vehicles (SUVs) and trucks require a different type of floor jack compared to passenger vehicles, the short answer is yes. When it comes to these types of vehicles, they typically come with a higher ground clearance than passenger vehicles and can weigh hundreds or even thousands of pounds more.

For these reasons alone, these types of floor jacks require a very durable design made from high-strength materials, a higher lifting capacity compared to floor jack models designed for passenger vehicles, and the weight capacity—generally four tons—necessary to ensure vehicles of this type are safely raised.

Having the correct automotive tools at your disposal means your work is performed safely and can be accomplished in a shorter amount of time. Listed below are three top-rated floor jacks designed to properly lift and support today’s most common and popular SUVs and passenger trucks.

Blackhawk B6350 Fast Lift Service Jack – 3.5 Ton Capacity

Blackhawk-B6350-Fast-Lift-Service-JackIf you demand heavy-duty construction when it comes to an SUV and truck floor jack, the Blackhawk B6350 Fast Lift Service Jack should be placed at the top of your list. Its durable steel design means it will be there for you, year after year, when you need it most.

This 3.5-ton (7,000 pounds) floor jack is loaded with safety features. These include a bypass device to prevent over-pumping a built-in safety valve that prevents failure due to overweight, and a swivel saddle to ensure precise undercarriage positioning.

Coming in at a stout 95 pounds, the Blackhawk floor jack has a lifting range from 5.5 inches to an impressive 22 inches. It’s can easily be positioned beneath of today’s most common and popular SUVs and trucks, and guarantees enough lifting height for off-road tire changes and undercarriage work.

  • 7,000-pound lift capacity
  • Rolled steel design
  • Over-pump safety valve
  • 22-inch lift height

Torin T83006 3 Ton SUV Service Jack

Torin-T83006-3-Ton-SUV-Service-JackIf you’re looking for an all-purpose jack that’s easy to lift and move around, and one that might fit comfortably in the back of your smaller SUV or lightweight passenger truck, the Torin T83006 3 Ton SUV Service Jack will easily meet your demands.

This 49-pound SUV floor jack is the perfect automotive tool when you need to quickly change a tire or lift an axel from a deep rut in the mountains. It’s six-inch flattened height will easily fit beneath higher profile vehicles, and its maximum height of 21 inches guarantees easy tire changes and comfortable access beneath the vehicle.

The unique design includes a removable extension neck for taller vehicles. This feature essentially turns this SUV floor jack into two tools in one, making it great for taller passenger vehicles as well.

  • Solid steel construction
  • Lightweight design at 49 pounds
  • Perfect for smaller SUVs and light trucks
  • 6,000-pound lift capacity

Craftsman 4 Ton Low Profile/high Lift Service Jack

Craftsman 4 Ton Low Profile-high Lift Service JackWhen you require a large-capacity floor jack with an impressive list of features—including a very modest price tag—the Craftsman 4 Ton Low Profile Service Jack deserves top consideration.

Most low-profile jacks are awesome when they’re at their lowest height, and this one is no different at a mere four inches, but the tradeoff comes at a reduced maximum height. Fortunately, Craftsman decided there was no reason for this and designed its service jack to reach a maximum height of 20 inches.

Built specifically for SUVs and passenger trucks, its 8,000 pound lifting capacity will make easy work of getting today’s high-profile vehicles off the ground. It also features an overload valve which lends to safer use and the prevention of equipment failure.

Constructed from steel, this particular Craftsman floor will be around your shop or garage for a very long time. It’s easy-rolling front wheels and its caster-style rear wheels will help you quickly position the jack in exactly the right spot.

  • Massive 8,000-pound lift capacity
  • Heavy-duty steel design
  • An abundance of safety features
  • 20-inch maximum lift height
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