Best Motorcycle Floor Jack Reviews

Best Motorcycle Floor Jack Reviews


Whether you own dirt bikes, street bikes, or fully dressed touring bikes, there’s always a time when owning a best motorcycle floor jack is necessary if not convenient. No matter the task at hand, in the garage, on the trail, or out on the road, owning the right tool for the job ensures your safety and gets the job done as quickly and as efficiently as possible.

The low profile of most of today’s modern motorcycles means getting on the ground to perform most basic maintenance functions. Not only does a properly designed motorcycle floor jack get your bike off the ground, it’s the only safe way to change a tire.

Motorcycle floor jacks come in a variety of design configurations and price ranges, and offer the necessary features, advantages, and benefits you need as a serious owner and mechanic. Choosing the right one, however, can be a daunting task, which is why we’ve reviewed three top-rated products below.


When you need the stability and lifting capacity to get your fully dressed touring motorcycle off the ground, the PowerZone Hydraulic Motorcycle Jack is the right tool for the job. Weighing in at a streamlined 62 pounds, the stationary front wheels and swiveling rear wheels makes it easy to get this floor jack into proper position.

PowerZone-380044-3-Ton-Aluminum-and-Stee-Garage-JackIts 1,700-pound lifting capacity gets virtually any motorcycle off the ground and its heavy-duty steel construction gives you the confidence it won’t fail. The rubberized lift deck is easily raised by the convenient foot activated hydraulic lift pump, providing you a range of 4.5 to 14.5 inches off the ground.

A safety lock ensures the lifted motorcycle will stay in place, and the rubber pads gently hold the frame in place, undamaged and without scratches. For maximum security and protection for both you and your motorcycle, convenient strap loops are positioned over the rear wheels.

  • Lightweight steel construction at just 62 pounds
  • 1,700-pound lift capacity
  • Rubberized deck pads for safety and aesthetic integrity
  • Strap loops to tie-down your motorcycle


The OTC 1545 Motorcycle Lift is loaded with useful features and given its modest price is a super value for any consumer shopping for a motorcycle lift jack. Able to comfortably lift up to 1,500 pounds, it’s 17-inch lift deck is capable of handling today’s largest motorcycles.

OTC-1545-Motorcycle-LiftAt 87 pounds it might seem like a beast in your garage, but its T-handle and rear swivel wheels—which also lock for safety—make short work of it. This model offers an incredible lift range, starting at a minuscule 3.5 inches and reaching an impressive 16.75 inches at its maximum height. This gets you off the ground and working at a comfortable height.

The convenient foot pedal hydraulic lift free your hands when necessary, and the included ratcheting tie-down straps guarantee your motorcycle won’t slip or fall while elevated. Read detailed review here.

  • Solid construction at 87 pounds
  • Rubberized lift deck for safety and security
  • 16.75 maximum lift height
  • Two ratcheting tie-down straps included


If your needs are modest and you’re looking for a great motorcycle floor jack perfectly suited for use with virtually all of today’s road bikes, the Black Widow Cruiser Touring Motorcycle Jack Lift Stand just might be the perfect accessory for your garage or motorcycle trailer.

Black-Widow-Cruiser-Touring-Motorcycle-Jack-Lift-StandThis manually operated motorcycle floor jack comes complete with an impressive set of features, including the ability to lift your cruiser or touring bike to a maximum height of 16.25 inches. When you need just a little bit of extra height, you’ll be happy this jack includes two removable frame adapters that provide for an addition 2 to 3.25 inches.

Ideal for tire changes, the scissor frame of this jack lift stand is designed to lift motorcycles from either the front or the back. Its heavy-duty steel construction has a lift capacity of 1,100 pounds and is easily achieved by its 7/8-inch socket-drive lift system.

  • Very modestly priced
  • Two included frame adapters for extra height
  • Super lightweight at just 32 pounds
  • 1,100-pound weight capacity
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