Best Racing Floor Jack Reviews

When it comes to high performance, low-profile automobiles, the correct tool for the job is always the right choice. Floor jacks come in all sizes and shape, and are made from a wide range of materials, but they’re not all designed for your particular vehicle.

Racing floor jacks must be made from strong yet lightweight materials to stand the test of time, must properly fit beneath your vehicle, and must raise the car high enough to be useful. If any of these features are missing, you stand a good chance of not being able to properly care for your vehicle.

Safety features are also top considerations when evaluating low-profile racing floor jacks. These include such things as a padded handle for a good grip and won’t ding your car’s paint job if it hits it, and a rubberized saddle for secure, damage-free contact with the undercarriage.

Below are 3 high-quality racing floor jacks that have each been manufactured with the low-profile, high performance car in mind.


OTC-1532-2-Ton-Capacity-Aluminum-Racing-JackMade from extremely lightweight and durable aircraft-grade aluminum, the OTC 1532 Aluminum Racing Jack has all the necessary features to be a truly useful automotive tool in your shop, garage, or even in the back of your vehicle.

It weighs just 43 pounds making it a truly mobile tool. It’s single front roller wheel gets the racking jack into position quickly and its rear swivel wheels puts it in exact position for optimal results. At a tiny 3.5 inches at its lowest height, it will easily fit beneath most vehicles, and the two-piece 45-inch handle ensures an adequate reach.

When you’re ready to lift your vehicle, a mere five pumps of the handle will raise the racing jack to its full height of 18 inches, offering ample room for undercarriage work and tire changes. The rubberized saddle means a secure contact will be made beneath the vehicle, and safeguards against dings and scratches, particularly to powder-coating.

  • Lightweight aircraft-grade aluminum weighs just 43 pounds
  • 4,000-pound lift capacity
  • Rubberized pad for safety and damage-free contact
  • Five pumps to maximum height


Nesco-Tools-2203-Aluminum-Low-Profile-Floor-Jack---3-Ton-CapacityThe long, stylish frame of the Nesco Tools 2203 Aluminum Low-Profile Floor Jack makes it the perfect tool for accessing the undercarriage from the front or rear of the vehicle. This feature-rich floor jack offers the high-performance car owner the confidence that this will be the only lift-tool of this type they’ll need to own.

Designed to fit beneath today’s most popular low-profile vehicles, its flattened height of just 3.5 inches delivers the goods. This particular jack also stretches to an impressive 19.25 inches at its top height, providing unsurpassed access to the undercarriage. Its rubber-padded saddle makes solid contact with the frame and won’t scratch, dent, or ding the metal surface.

With mobility in mind for the racing enthusiast, this floor jack includes lifting handles on either side of the frame, strong and smooth aluminum front wheels, and caster rear wheels for precise turning and location placement. With a three-ton lifting capacity, it’s capable of safely lifting virtually every low-profile high performance vehicle on the road today.

  • Lightweight alloy aluminum construction at 58 pounds
  • Rubberized saddle for safety and security
  • Nine pumps to achieve 19.25 maximum lift height
  • Caster rear wheels for precise movement


Arcan-ALJ2T-Aluminum-Floor-Jack---2-Ton-CapacityWhen you need a floor jack loaded with features but won’t leave you broke until next payday, you’d be hard pressed to do better than the Arcan ALJ2T Aluminum Floor Jack with two-ton capacity. This moderately priced, lightweight floor jack will meet the needs and demands of even the harshest critic.

Designed to easily fit beneath your high performance, low-profile vehicle, its flattened height of just 3.5 inches ensures smooth, easy access to your automobile’s undercarriage. The rubberized saddle wont’ scrape or scratch your car’s metalwork, and provides a solid grip while lifting and holding the vehicle in place. Its impressive top height of 19.25 inches provides the room you need for underneath work.

With its smooth and steady aluminum front wheels, swiveling rear wheels, and included carrying handles placed on both sides of the jack, it will never be a back-breaking chore getting this jack across your garage and placed into precise position.

  • 4,000-pound lift capacity
  • Lightweight aluminum design at just 50 pounds
  • Two-stage quick lift system
  • Impressive 19.25-inch maximum lift height
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