Black Widow Motorcycle Jack Lift Review

It is now possible to work on your motorcycle with the Black Widow jack lift. For those who love to clean their bikes and keep them shining, lifting them is no longer a problem. You can get the jack today and start doing it. The motorcycle will always look great when the owner takes the time to clean it up. If you look for a motorcycle jack that will offer more value for your money, then consider checking this out. Here are more features and benefits of using the jack starting today.

High lifting capacity

The lifting capacity of this jack is rated at 1100 pounds. That is quite a lot as many motorcycles barely reach such a high weight. If you have a heavy bike, you can still be sure that it can be lifted easily with this jack. The high lifting capacity is what makes people love the jack even more. The use of the scissor joint mechanism, the operation of this jack is quite simple. Simply follow the instructions as stated by the manufacturer to start using the jack.

Rubber pads to prevent slippage

It is possible to get some kind of slippage if the motorcycle is not well clamped on the jack. By using the rubber pads on this jack, you can be sure that it will not slip any time soon. The rubber padding still helps to prevent cases of scratches to your bike paint. You should be able to use different pads based on the type of bike that you have.

Can lift rear or front tire

It is a manually operated jack that can handle lifting the front or back tire. You have to ensure that it is placed correctly under the bike before the lifting can start. If you need to work on both wheels, ensure that the jack is strategically placed to lift the whole bike. You will be amazed by the impressive balance you can get from this jack. The scissor socket technology used can offer better balance for lifting either tire of the motorcycle.

Adjustable height capability

With the adjustable height, it is possible to lift the motorcycle to different types of heights. Some motorcycles might need more height for better operation. It is possible to lift your motorcycles from 3.75 inches to 16.25 inches. The removable frame adapters are now used to increase the height by 3.25 inches.


  • Easy to use as it operates on the scissor lift frame mechanism
  • It is durable due to the strong steel construction provided by the manufacturer
  • Designed for lifting either the front or rear tire making it have more applications
  • It is possible to increase the height of the jack thanks to the removable frame adapters
  • Designed to lift more weight than you can imagine up to 1100 pounds


  • You have to remove the rubber padding before sliding the jack into position for low clearance motorcycle

How to Use and Maintenance

Before using this jack, ensure that you place it on a level ground for better stability. With its large base, you can be sure that it can deliver the best stability too. You can place it close to the front or rear tire for easier lifting depending on which side you need handled. Within a few minutes of pumping the jack, it should be in the right position for you to work. Follow the instructions given by the manufacturer if you have to lower the bike once again.

When it comes to maintenance, it is the usual inspection of the jack to ensure that it is in the right working condition. This means checking if the bolts and nuts are tight enough. Still, check for cases of squeaky sound coming from the jack when it is operated. Use grease to lubricate the moving parts to remove the squeaky noise coming from the jack.


Your motorcycle could use a jack that will help you to make easy repairs in your garage. Some repairs do not need the help of a professional mechanic to make them happen. This jack also offers many benefits for its price. You can expect that other jacks that offer the same functionality will be quite expensive. Save your money today by getting this jack today.

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