Hot Summer Car Care Tips

We all love to have the summer around, as we know it is all about being outdoors in the sun. This is the time when people are out there on the beach having some good times. That good time might just be cut short whenever you end up not giving your car the right care during such hot times. It is important to give the car that extra care that it needs. Below are some hot summer car care tips.

Keep your tires well inflated

The hot weather will always affect your tire pressure, so it is important to keep that always in might. This calls for you to ensure that the tires are properly inflated. Most companies would come with different tire pressures recommended for them. It is advisable that you use the car manufacturer recommendations printed on the vehicle door placard or the manual. Statistics show that nearly 6 out of 10 people drive around with underinflated tires.

Check the tire tread

Having good threads is a quick assurance that you will have a safe driving for a long time. You need to keep an eye on the tire threads if you are looking to have a nice time outdoors. You can use the coin test to see if your tires need to be replaced or not. The test involves taking a penny and inserting it into the tire treads upside down. If you can see the top of Lincoln’s head, then the tires are worn out and should be replaced.

Top off the car fluids

Your car might be working at extra temperatures, so make sure that all your fluids under the hood at all topped off to optimal levels. This is the same for those people who have a big road trip planned for the summer. You might also want to have an oil change before you leave for the road trip. What people do not know is that motor oil does more than just lubricating the parts. It will help cool the engine and provide better protection over a wide temperature range. Older motor oil may not do its job this well.

Read up on recalls

It is common to find a number of companies making recalls on their previous models. The recalls are important in the event that some of the elements of the car have to be repaired before the car can be deemed safe. Not all the drivers might learn of the news that they need to take back their cars for such repairs. Using the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s VIN Look Up Tool, you can know more about the vehicle which has not been repaired as part of the recall. You can check your car using this website.

Plan for an emergency

No one really knows when there might be need to use an emergency kit. You should be ready for anything to happen while you are on the road. It is time that you bought an emergency kit and keep it with you during these hot summer trips. The kit should include things like jumper cables, a flashlight, paper towels, roadside flares and bottled water.

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