How Does a Hydraulic Floor Jack Work

When understanding how a hydraulic floor jack works, it is best to understand what a jack is first. A jack is a device you use to lift objects that are very heavy. The mechanism that is used to apply force can vary as there are different types of jacks. The typical design though is a screw thread or a hydraulic cylinder. You can organize jacks into two different categories including mechanical or hydraulic. Mechanical jacks are usually jacks you use to lift cars or one you may have at home while hydraulic jacks can lift loads higher and take on heavier loads. Now that you have a basic understanding of jacks as a whole, we can dive into how the hydraulic jack is able to lift such heavy objects with ease.

Now when it comes to hydraulic jacks and how they work, it comes down to the force generated by pressure. Basically if two cylinders (one being smaller than the other) are put together and pressure is applied to just one cylinder, the pressure will be equally generated in both cylinders. Since one cylinder is larger than the other, the larger one will produce more force while having the pressure remaining the same for both of them. The jack also has pump plungers which move oil through the two cylinders. First, the plunger is drawn back which will open the suction valve ball. This will pull oil into the pump chamber. Once the plunger begins to be pushed forward the oil will move through an external discharge check valve and make its way into the cylinder chamber. The suction valve then closes which creates pressure in the cylinder. Once the pressure is created the jack can lift what it needs to lift with ease. You won’t need to strain yourself as the jack does all of the work for you.

There are two different types of hydraulic jacks to work with including the bottle jacks and the floor jacks. The bottle jack or known as the hand jack offers an easy way for people to lift heavy objects. The other type is the floor jack which has a horizontal shaft unlike the bottle jack. Both of these jacks do their jobs well but generally you will want to look into a floor jack. The bottle jack is commonly used in the automobile industry.

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