How to Change a Tire Successfully

If you have never had a flat tire, it is bound to happen at some point. When it happens, you need to be ready to handle the flat tire and get back to the road. A flat tire is not hard to change only when you have the right steps in mind. Check out the following steps on how to change a tire successfully.

Time to find a flat, safe and stable place to change the tire

Changing the tire will involve lifting the car on one side, so it is important to find a flat and stable surface. This will help to prevent the car from rolling when you are lifting it. Safety should also be considered especially when the flat happened on a high traffic road. You need to turn on the emergency flashers to warn other drivers about your situation and then move the car to the side of the road.

Put the car in parking position

The parking position will disengage any gear, meaning the car is not going to move. Also, you might have to engage the handbrake or parking brake on your car. This also helps with keeping the car in one place to prevent any movement. For a manual transmission, you need to put the car in the first or reverse gear. Put a heavy object in front and the back of the tires.

Take out the jack and spare tire

Place your jack under the frame of the car near the tire you need to change. Ensure that the jack is in contact with the metal part of the frame before you can start pumping. Ensure not to place the jack in contact with the plastic part, as it will be unstable when lifting. Start raising your car with the jack for a short height before removing the nuts. You will have to use a wrench to completely remove the nuts from the tire. To open the nuts you will have to turn anticlockwise with quite a force depending on how they were tightened the last time.

Pump the jack more to lift the tire off the ground

What follows next is that you have to pump the tire to lift it off the ground. Keep an eye on the car’s stability as you lift. When the car starts to wobble, lower the jack and fix the problem. Once the tire is off the ground, removing it from the car should be easy. Sometimes the tire might stick because of rust, you can hit it on the low and upper side to completely dislodge it.

Replace with the spare tire

It is time to place the space tire to the wheel hub. Ensure that you install the wheel correctly to align itself with the bolts. Once it is in position, you can tighten the bolts to the spare tire. When tightening the tires, you should use the star pattern so as to have a balanced tire.

Lower the Jack

The final step is to lower the jack that will bring the car to the ground. Once the car is on the ground on the spare wheel, you can now tighten the nuts again. You should be now ready to go with the tire changed.

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