How to Clean a Garage Floor

When asking yourself how to clean a garage floor, it’s much easier to break the constituent parts.

One of the first steps that you’re going to want to take is clearing all of the floor space. It’s much easier to operate when you have a clear working area, and do not have to move objects around as you are cleaning. The worst thing is to have to constantly shift items as you clean an area, so it’s best to start with a blank slate. Once you have that blank slate, what you’re going to want to do is use a broom, or push broom preferably, to clean all of the large particles off the floor of the garage. This will make the cleaning process much smoother, as you won’t have to deal with sticky particles that don’t want to come up during the later stages of the cleaning.

After you have properly swept the floor, and ensured all particles are properly thrown away, what you’re going to want to do is mop the floor. Any and all grease stains are going to need to be scrubbed out, and are particularly hard to deal with while mopping. One of the best things to use while mopping is a concrete cleaning solution, which are readily available at any home maintenance or hardware store. These are specifically designed for cleaning surfaces that are very similar to garage floors. Be sure to go over the entire garage floor with the solution, and be very liberal in scrubbing it. There’s not to lose in being rough to a concrete garage floor, so have at it. For particularly tough stains, you’re going to want to use muriatic acid to clean them. Apply the acid, then pressure wash, or scrub the particular tough stain.

To be safe following that, be sure to apply baking soda to the area to neutralize the acid that you’ve used. With that done, your garage floor should be in a satisfactory condition, and clean of all major particles. The new clean state the garage is in deserves a sealing, in order to prevent further containments from staining your garage floor, and is just overall a good idea. Aforementioned hardware and home maintenance stores will sell concrete and garage sealant, either will work for this purpose. The instructions for finding out if you garage is sealed or not, are as simple as this.

Pour water out onto your garage floor, and if it beads up readily, the floor is already sealed. However, if it proceeds to dry rapidly, your garage floor is not properly, or not sealed at all, and can have another layer of sealant applied to the floor. Applying sealant in much similar to mopping, and at its heart is about getting the sealant over the entire surface area of the garage floor. Be sure to allow proper time for the sealant to dry, or else you can improperly seal your floor, or worse, cause damage to the floor itself.

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