How to Remove Dog Hair from your Car

As with any cleaning job it really depends what you are trying to clean, different dogs have different types of hair. Each one has its own level of difficulty for getting out of your car’s upholstery. Additionally depending on what kind of carpet material is in your car can have an effect on the cleaning job as well. So now it’s time to get to it, but instead of the vacuum cleaner start with a can of compressed air. Open the doors and really get into the carpet and try to blow as much dog hair out of it as possible. This also loosens the carpet and the hair for our next step.

Now grab a pair of rubber gloves and your vacuum, make sure you bring the sharp crevice tool with it. Rubber gloves have a good habit of being sticky enough to grab at the pet hair, but the best way to do that is to soak the glove in water from a bucket and rub it along the carpet, then quickly follow and vacuum it up. Be sure to keep an eye on your glove, if it gets too hairy just stick it back in the water to get the hair off of it.

If you are able to, get your hands on a rubber pet hair broom. The bristles are designed to create a static electric charge that will attract the pet hair and fur and lift it away from your car’s carpet and upholstery. Using the vacuum and brush together be sure to brush the hair towards the vacuum to make it easier for the vacuum to suck all the hair up.
There are different types of tools that act like pumice stones, with rigid textures and scales for trapping and collecting pet fur. As you use the stones be sure to remove the collected fur and vacuum it clean before beginning again.

Always remember the best way to manage pet hair is to take care of it ahead of time. Regular brushing and cleaning of the pet fur will help eliminate the amount that is left behind. For the least bit of trouble be sure to brush your pet ahead of time before the car ride. Regular cleaning of your pet also prevents you from having to clean your car from the debris, dirt, or garbage that you pet normally drags around with them.

Keeping your car clean of pet hair will keep you and your furry friend happy! This is just one method for learning how to clean and remove dog hair from your car.

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