Most Common Car Problems

Having a vehicle can seem taxing with all of the potential issues that can happen. A lot are easier to fix than others. Here is a short list of common car problems and how to fix them. While a lot of these are easy to fix and can be done by yourself be sure you know exactly what you are doing. Vehicles are big, heavy, and can be dangerous so be sure you know what you are doing.
Flat tires are one of the most common issues that a car runs into. From running over a nail or spike, a deflated tire that goes over a bump wrong, or simply tire rot from old age and wear. Since the tires are on the road they are prone to flattening out. Most cars have a spare tire, the spare is meant to be used for short term usage until a proper replacement can be installed. With the spare is usually a small car jack and a lug nut ratchet. First you jack the car up, remove the hubcap and use the ratchet tool to remove the lug nuts. Be careful as they may be very difficult to undo and you don’t want to shift the car off of the jack by accident. Once the nuts are removed simply slide the tire off and replace it with the spare. Tighten the nuts and slowly lower the car down.

The next thing to go out from regular wear and tear are probably the headlights or blinkers. Most vehicles make it easy to access the lightbulbs without requiring much work. Each car is different and owners and repair guide’s should be check but a lot of times you can easily pick up the type of bulb you need from an auto repair shop. Having a few spares is a good idea and you shouldn’t always wait until the light goes out to replace it. They dim over time and should be replaced every few years for optimal viewing at night.

Your car’s battery is probably the next thing to go. This can be the cause if you turn the key and the car wont start, or you hear a clicking noise. If you have automatic car locks but they are not responding or lights wont come on when you open the door manually these could all be signs of a dead battery. Depending on the environment that the car sits in from extreme heat to extreme cold the normal life of a battery could be shortened. Normal batteries last anywhere from 3-6 years. When a battery dies you are stuck wherever you are. You can usually jump a battery with cables or a jumper box but a dead battery wont turn back on again once you turn the car off. Replacing a battery is an easy and simple matter and most autoshops will replace the battery for you if you get it there, just check ahead of time.

Does your car have a hard time starting or is the idle a little rough? This is usually an indication of problems with the spark plugs. While they may require a more unique set of tools they are not anything specialized. Getting replacements is a simple task and buying replacements is usually the route to go. Even if you don’t install them yourself buying the spark plugs ahead of time gives you the option to pick higher quality spark plugs, which can help them last longer and have the engine fire better.

Lastly, and most commonly, is an oil change. While needing the oil changed isn’t a car problem it is one of the easiest solutions to a potentially disastrous issue with a car jack. Build up occurs as the car is used and this build up effects the viscosity, slickness, of the oil in the car. If this isn’t replaced regularly then the oil can’t do its job. This will cause friction and heat to warp the metals in the engine and can potentially cause the engine to seize, at which point you have an expensive paperweight. Make sure to change your oil every three months or three thousand miles.

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