Review: Arcan XL20 Black Low Profile Steel Service Jack – 2 Ton Capacity

Arcan-XL20-Black-Low-Profile-Steel-Service-JackArcan has produced many tools that people used today in the auto industry. The low profile jacks so far has been the best with many garages and individuals buying them for various uses. The one that has been the best seller is the Arcan XL20 Black low profile jack. It became the best seller for providing the best features that people want in a jack. It comes with new technologies that will make your lifting quite easier as compared to the scissor jack that most people buy with their cars. Below you will get to learn more about what is expected from this jack.

Compact Design

On the first look of this jack, you will think that it cannot lift heavy cars due to its compact size. That is not always the case as many reviews show its impressive capability. The compact design has many advantages when it comes to portability. It is quite easy for more with this jack from one place to another without feeling as if it is a burden. The compact design came about when many people were complaining of the jack manufacturers creating large and bulky jacks that did not have any good portability features.

Safety Valve

You need a mechanism that will prevent overloading of the jack. The weight should be within the stipulated weight capacity by the manufacturer for the jack to work properly. The inclusion of the safety valve by the manufacturer helps to ensure that the device is protected from cases of overloading by the user. The jack is also rated 2-ton jack so ensure that the weight does not go beyond this figure.

Dual Pump Mechanism

Arcan as a company has been using the dual pump mechanism in its jacks for some time now. This mechanism helps with rapid lifting of any vehicle. If you need raising and lowering of any car done in a short time, consider using this jack. Most people describe the experience of raising heavy cars with this jack as lifting pillows that are all lightweight.
There is still the inclusion of the universal joint release mechanism that will offer precise control of the jack.

Lightweight Jack

Most service jacks are quite heavy as compared to the scissor jacks that you buy with the car. Sometimes that can scare most people from buying the service jacks. The XL20 service jack is different as it weighs 68 pounds only. With such weight, it would be easy to see why many people are now considering to use the jack today.


  • The presence of a safety valve helps to prevent cases of overloading
  • The compact size of the jack makes it perfect for people who prefer portability
  • The use of the dual pump mechanism makes it easy to raise and lower the jack
  • For precise control of the jack, the manufacturer has included a universal joint release mechanism


  • Can be squeaky under poor maintenance

Tips for Maintenance

Most people tend to forget about working on the wheels of the jack. These wheels will always be under pressure when using for long periods. Applying grease to them will help to eliminate cases of squeaky noises that comes from dry wheels.

Periodically check the levels of oil of the jack system. The hydraulic system depends heavily on the amount of oil present in the system. For proper functioning, ensure that you refill the jack with the right type of oil that works for your system. The low quality oil might affect the metal parts of the jack.

Some people tend to use the jack for unintended purposes such as lifting the weights of other things. Know that your jack is meant to lift only car weights. If you end up lifting other weights out of the jack’s weight capacity, you will be reducing the lifespan of your impressive low profile jack.


The Arcan XL20 low profile jack for sure delivers the best value for your money. You cannot expect that many other jacks in its category will have the same characteristics. The 2-ton capacity makes it better than using your scissor jack from the car manufacturer. The sleek design and compact design are other added advantages of using this jack. Go ahead and get yourself this jack for easier lifting of the vehicles.

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