Review: Arcan XL2T Black Low Profile Steel Service Jack – 2 Ton Capacity

Arcan-XL2T-Black-Low-Profile-Steel-Service-JackThe market today is full of many jacks that offer a wide range of applications, but the Arcan XL2T service jack stands out from the rest. The jack is known to be compact, sleek and sturdy at the same time. Expect that it will help to work on different cars with varied weight that people might have in their possession. The Jack so far has proven to have high dependability that many people love. All that is because the jack will always work when you need it to do so.

A dual pump for rapid lifting

If you think about it, you will want a jack that can be used to lift the vehicle as fast as possible. The manufacturer of this jack has included a new technology called a dual pump. This technology will help with the rapid lifting of the car when you need to access different parts under the vehicle. The same cannot be said for other jacks that use the old technology in their operations.

Strong Steel Construction

For a long time steel has proved to be a strong metal that people always need when making durable products such as jacks. The Arcan XL2T has a steel construction that makes it strong and perfect for its working conditions. To lift and sustain such heavy weights needs a strong jack. You should have no trouble at all working with this 2-ton low profile jack.

Works for Low Profile Vehicles

Now that many manufacturers are making low profile cars, it can be hard to use a standard jack to lift it. Using the Arcan XL2T jack should help you to easily work on your low profile car. Make sure to follow the instructions from the manufacturer to ensure that all the settings are done properly before using the jack on the low profile car.

High Lifting Range

The jack can lift up to 24 inches for any vehicle. This means that the jack has many applications for where it can used. Many cars that people have now can use this jack in case the owner needs to make some changes to the tires or underbody of the car. Just make sure the car weight is within the jack’s weight limit before using it for lifting.


  • It has a robust and sturdy construction that most people love in a service jack
  • It is ASME PALD compliant meaning it is built with the industry standards in mind
  • The dual pump mechanism makes it easy to lift both lift and heavy vehicles
  • With a maximum lighting height of 24 inches, it can be used to lift most cars that people own today


  • At 100 pounds in weight, this jack is quite heavy for many people. Carrying it around in your car feels cumbersome
  • Without proper maintenance, it will start to squeak after a few uses


The Arcan XL2T is a high performance service jack that will last for years only if you give it the proper care that it deserves. Make sure that you keep on giving it regular inspection to identify common issues and rectify them before they get out of hand. Here are some other maintenance tips that you need for this jack.

  • Lubricate the hinge joints of the jack with high quality grease
  • Inspect the whole body for any cases of excessive wear. The wear can make the jack not to function normally thus failing when needed most. Some wears might need you to buy new genuine parts for replacement.
  • Ensure that the bolts and nuts are correctly tightened to the right tension. The jack will not work properly if the jack’s nuts and bolts are not holding it properly.


Without a doubt, the Arcan XL2T service jack is the best among the many 2-ton jacks because of many features it has to offer. The jack utilizes the dual pump technology for easier lifting of any vehicle. Its durability is another thing that is worth mentioning. Many people can expect this jack to last for very many years even with continuous use around the garage.

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