Review: Powerbuilt 640912 All-In-One 3-Ton Bottle Jack with Jack Stand

Powerbuilt-640912-All-In-One-3-Ton-Bottle-Jack-with-Jack-StandBottle jacks are known for being compact but still being strong enough to handle any weight thrown at it. The Powerbuilt 640912 bottle jack is not any different as it offers such impressive capability. You can simply pack it in your car and drive with it around to use it anytime whenever the need arises. Here you will get to learn more about the jack and why people are now buying it more often.

Impressive height range

The height a jack can lift a vehicle will determine the places where it can be used and the type of car too. This jack offers an impressive height range of 11 inches to 21 inches. You can always adjust settings on the jack to ensure that it can fit with your lifting needs. The design makes it easy to make the changes that you might need before using the jack.

Multiple application capability

There is so much you can do with this type of jack. The manufacturer states that it can be used for SUVs, off-road vehicles and other types of vehicles up to those weighing 3 tons. You can still use the jack for other applications such as construction jobs, floor joint work and framing. Not many manufacturers can claim to offer such great capabilities. It can still be used in different places so long as lifting is involved making the jack to be an all-purpose tool.

Presence of a safety lock

With the safety lock, you can keep the lifted vehicle in one position while working on it. The safety lock will ensure that the jack does not start to slip back in when the pressure becomes too high. Although the slipping is quite rare, but it is always important to stay prepared at all times. The company has done a great tweak to the jack as not many jack manufacturers do the same to their jacks.
Wide steel base for stability
The base of any jack should be wide enough to provide support and stability when using it to lift a car. The Powebuilt bottle jack is not any different. It offers a wide steel base that provides all the support that you need for better working with the jack. A small base might make the jack to sink into the ground because of the high weight pressure.


  • It is built to exceed any standards set for jacks
  • It can be used for multiple lifting applications other than lifting of cars
  • The presence of a safety bar will keep the bar in position providing all the support that you need
  • A new and unique design that offers better functionality to the user
  • The construction of the jack involves a wide steel base that will offer all the support that you need when using the jack


  • It needs regular maintenance as compared to many other jacks
  • The welds done on the jack joints are not neat giving it an ugly look


The jack is quite strong to offer applications in different fields, but some people might tend to misuse it and end up breaking it or spoiling it before its time. You have to consider that the jack has a total capacity of 3 tons. Ensure that all the applications are based on such weight limits.

Friction is likely to happen to the moving parts over time. You need to minimize the friction as much as possible by using lubricants on the jack. Refill the lubricants and oil when you find the levels are lower than recommended. Also check for leaks of the same oil and lubricants of the jack. You can always contact a professional to help with the repairs to the jack if you are not sure what to do.

You have to store the jack correctly in a place where there is limited dust and dampness. Dust and moisture are the worst enemy for the metal parts.


With more lifting capability, you can expect that many people would be happy to use it. Other types of jacks would only be used to lift vehicles only, but not for this one. Some other applications include being used in the construction industry. With its working capabilities, both seasoned mechanics and novice users can find it useful.

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