Review: Pro-Lift F-767 Grey Low Profile Floor Jack

Pro-Lift-F-767-Grey-Low-Profile-Floor-JackSometimes you might get a flat or simply need to check some parts under the car, but without the proper tools, it is quite hard to do so. Some of the common maintenance that you can do at home include oil change, brake pad replacement among others. All that is now possible with the use of Pro-Lift F-767 Low Profile floor jack. This jack is from a manufacturer that is known for providing the best power tools that people need for several applications. The jack for some time has proved to be reliable based on the many positive reviews that it gets. It can be used for both light and heavy lifting as it has a 2-ton capacity.

Heavy-duty Steel Construction

For something that will lift and maintain heavy weights of cars, having a sturdy construction is very important. The use of steel construction makes it better at handling many heavy weights based on the different cars that might use the jack. More people would be confident if it has such an impressive construction against a material that is weak.

Central Grip Handle

It is easier now to move the Pro-Lift 767 floor jack from one location to another. All that is because of the presence of a central grip handle. The handle is made to improve on the transportation and portability of the jack. You can now move your jack from the car or garage to where it is needed quite easily.

Hydraulic Powered

The best part about having hydraulic powered jacks is that you can lift heavy objects quite easily. You will be using less energy as compared to the other jacks that use a different type of operation system. Just make sure that your jack is checked regularly for any leaks as they can make it lose its working capability.

Strong Base Construction

The amount of force that will be exerted on the jack base will be quite immense. Such a scenario needs a jack that has a strong base. The base of the jack is constructed to match up most weights of the vehicles that people user each day.


  • It can be used for very low clearance vehicles
  • The jack has a mechanism that prevents overextending of the arm for better protection
  • It offers a sturdy construction
  • A safety valve is included to prevent overload scenarios to the jack
  • Impressive high lifting range from 3 ½ Inches to 14 inches


  • Cannot be used to lift high clearance vehicles such as SUVs
  • Rare cases of leaks to the hydraulic fluid

Operation and Maintenance

If you need to use to the jack, ensure to follow the instructions as given by the manufacturer. Setting it up might involve combining several parts together to make the jack operational. It should not be hard as the manufacturer is clear with the steps any person should take to make the jack operational.

When it comes to performing the lifting operation, close the release valve of the jack until you feel a firm resistance. This is done by turning the pump in a clockwise direction. Now, center the jack saddle under the lift point. Using the handle, start pumping to lift the car. Keep on checking on the lift point to ensure it is still centered properly. Within no time, you should have the car lifted.

Maintenance is still part of ensuring that your jack works well whenever it is needed. You need to use premium quality jack oil in the hydraulic system. Some people tend to use brake fluid, transmission fluid or motor oil. You should never use such types of oils at any time. Such oils will lead to premature failure of the jack. Once you have the correct oil, ensure that you follow the correct steps of opening the jack and making the refill.


Like any other machine, you have to use it properly as per instructions if you need to stay longer. You will not have to spend so much effort when it comes to operating this jack. Many people have used it to lift their cars for easy access to the some tight spaces under the car. You can be the next person offering a positive review after using this impressive jack starting today.

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