Review: Race Ramps RR-56-2 Two Piece Car Ramp

The race ramps RR-56-2 ramps have proven to be the best in the market right now for providing the best features you can ever need in a ramp. It has a slide-proof base that will keep the ramps in position when working on them. The non-sliding base will also make it hard for the ramps to make blemishes on the surface. Many people who have used these ramps can agree that they have helped them to gain easy access to their car’s underbody and do some simple repairs instead of relying on the mechanics.

Lightweight ramps

The best part about being lightweight is that you can carry it around quite easily. There are so many people who think that moving around with ramps is a hard job. The same cannot be said for these ramps. The material used to construct them is quite light to enhance portability. The manufacturer has also included straps on the ramps to help with carrying it around. You simply put the straps around your shoulders and get to move. The straps can be detached when you have to use the ramps.

Sturdy construction

Some people might have had bad experience with other ramps, as they tend to crack with time. Forget about those ramps that are likely to bring trouble and opt for these race ramps. They are known to be made from a strong material that will stay in shape even after years of use. You will never have to worry about your safety as the manufacturer ensured the best sturdy construction is applied to the ramps.

Removable parts of the ramp

Accessing the underbody of a low clearance vehicle can be quite hard, however, it is possible to do so with these ramps. Simply drive your car onto the ramps to raise it. Then you can remove the inclined slopes from the ramps for easier access to the underbody. You should not have any trouble working on minor repairs whenever using these ramps. The removable parts still help with easy carrying of the ramps from one location to another quickly.

It won’t slip

Having ramps that slip when using them can be a danger to your life. You need the ramps to be as stable as possible. These race ramps are quite different, you can use them on different types of surfaces and they will not slip. Some people have used it on Ice and the ramps still stayed in position. Since they do not slip, then they cannot leave any sort of blemishes on your garage floor.


  • It does not slip whenever it is being used on different types of surfaces
  • It has a strong construction to make it last longer
  • It is lightweight for better portability by anyone
  • It will not scratch your floors thanks to special constructions


  • Cannot use them with mud on your car


To use these ramps is quite easy, simply drive your car onto the ramps and get to work. Most of the time people would end up driving over the ramps. Do not apply so much gas when driving the car onto the ramp. With the presence of the inclined slopes, it should be easy to get the car onto the ramps.

To use these ramps, there are no special skills that are needed. Simply follow the instructions given on the label to get working on your car by using the ramps. Once you are done with the ramps, makes sure to wash or clean them in any way. Forgetting to clean them will make it hard to slide the vehicle into the grooves the next time when using the ramps.

With proper maintenance, you can be sure that it will be easy to maintain this type of ramps from premature wear and tear. The ramp construction will still help in making it last even for longer.


For their high foam quality material, many people can actually use these ramps for better access to cars’ underbodies. Its strong construction is what you need to feel safe under such a car on such ramps. With many positive reviews online on the ramps, who would not want to get it?

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