Review: RhinoGear 11909 Vehicle Ramps

RhinoGear-11909-RhinoRamps-Vehicle-RampsRamps serve a vital role of helping a person to gain easy access to the under parts of the vehicle. You can now do this by using the RhinoGear 11909 vehicle ramps today. These ramps have been tested and show that they can withstand the weight of vehicles up to 12,000 pounds. There is no doubt that you will enjoy using it as it offers better access even for cars that have low clearance. Below are more features you can expect from these ramps.

Non-Slip Base

If you are going to use the ramp for your vehicle checking, it should always be slip resistant. Your vehicle ramp will be exposed to immense weight that needs it to be in one position. As for these ramps, they have CoreTRAC non-skid base that will reduce cases of slippage. You can use it as many times as possible without worrying about the wear.

Provides easy use for low clearance cars

The cars with small clearance to the ground can also easily use these ramps. They are made at a 17-degree angle to make this possible. If you own two cars of different ground clearance levels, you will not need to buy different ramps to do the work. This ramp will work for both cases due to the smaller elevation angle. In a way, you will also be saving money by buying only one ramp.

High weight capacity

These ramps are rated at 12,000 pounds as their capacity. You would not want to exceed such amount of weight. All the same, most cars’ weight is within this range. Most people can now use it on their different vehicles at home or even the garage. Not many vehicle ramps can boast of having such high capacity.

Large tire width capability

The ramps can handle tire widths of up to 9 inches. Those people with large car tires can comfortably use this type of ramps. You will see many positive reviews about the width capability of such ramps as you will not have to buy additional ramps to suit your emerging needs when using larger tires.

Lightweight for better portability

Being a lightweight, these ramps do provide better portability. You can use them anywhere you want provided that you move around with it. Most people store them in their garages, as it is not easy to find many people checking under their car in the middle of the road. You can easily drag the ramps into position whenever it is time to use it.


  • It has a non-slip base to keep the ramp in position when using it
  • It can fit larger tires of up to 9 inches
  • It has a high weight capacity of 12,000 pounds
  • The 17-degree angle decline makes it great for handling low clearance vehicles


  • Not as strong as the manufacturer would want people to believe

Safety and Maintenance

There has been this idea that many people think that ramps do not need any type of maintenance or safety measures. There is the need to ensure that you follow the given instructions by the manufacturer if you want the ramps to work long enough. The ramps are rated at 12,000 pounds, but you might find some people exceeding this level. You have to think about the safety measures first.

As part of safety, it is important that you do keep the weight on the ramps below 12,000 pounds. Anything larger than this value can be taken as a safety risk to anyone. Still, you have to ensure that the ramp is placed on a level ground before placing the vehicle on top of it. You should always keep the safety measures in mind to ensure that you do not end up being crushed by the weight of the car coming down.


The RhinoGear brand has been around for a long time and it creates the best ramps on the market today. Many people are now having an easier time accessing the underbodies of their cars easily with the use of such ramps. Due to their impressive weight support capability, you can always use them for different vehicles. If you need a great ramp today, forget about those other brands and choose the RhinoGear 110909 vehicle ramps.

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