Torin T830006 3 Ton SUV Service Jack Review


Most drivers nowadays would like to spend more time making repairs in a home garage. This helps anyone to learn about the car and know where to tweak it to make it better. Also, you will save some money as compared to always using a mechanic. If you think about doing such repairs on your own, consider getting yourself a Torin 3-ton service jack. The jack is created with a strong construction to handle vehicles of large weights up to 3 tons. Such capacity makes the jack great for lifting small cars up to SUVs. Below you will get to learn more why the jack is so good at what it does.

More lifting capacity

Most jacks you would get have a 2-ton capacity, making them unsuitable in lifting the SUVs and other big vehicles. All that can be resolved when you get the Torin 3-ton service jack today. It provides you with more lifting power than most jacks in its price category. With the long neck, it will save you the time you need to lift any large vehicle within its lifting capacity.

Better and faster than scissor jacks

When buying a car, you will get a scissor jack and a spare tire. These are quite standard things you will get in any car. For those who need to have an easier time changing their flat tires, consider using a hydraulic jack such as Torin service jack. The hydraulic mechanism makes it easy to lift and lower the car in much less time as compared to using scissor jacks.

Improved design for better functionality

The manufacturer decided to include things such as an extra long neck and special grooves on the jack. With such additional features, the jack has a lifting range of 6” to 21”. Any type of SUV can fit within that range. The long neck will help improve the speed of raising your SUV off the ground. Still, you can detach the long neck when the vehicle is lowered. The special grooves will provide the desirable contact for a better anchorage of the vehicle when raising it.

Reputable brand

The Torin brand has been around for over 30 years now. Through all this period, they have been involved in making the best jacks that we are using today. With their special engineering skills, you will feel comfortable using such a jack to handle your lifting needs. The brand also has many positive reviews to show that they deliver the best products in the industry.


  • Rubberized handle to provide enough grip and comfort when using the jack
  • Better lifting capacity of 3 tons
  • Faster lifting mechanism due to the hydraulic system
  • The extra long neck saves time on lifting the vehicle


  • The jack handle tends to flex a lot when using the hydraulic pump
  • Can easily leak the hydraulic fluids under poor maintenance

Jack Maintenance

The Torin hydraulic jack is what you need for several lifting cases of your car while working on it. If you need it to keep on working for you, there is the need to ensure that maintenance is part of your normal life. The simple things you do are likely to make this jack last for longer.

When it comes to storage, ensure that the pump and piston are retracted before keeping it in the garage or at the back of the car. This will help to reduce the strain on the system and the jack will work faster the next time it is used.

Dust is another issue that can affect any jack’s performance. Ensure that you store your jack in a place that is free from any dust. The same thing applies to moisture around the storage area. Moisture and dust are likely to affect the metal parts of the jack.


With the metal casting, this jack is built to handle large weights and last for longer too. Its durability will also depend on the type of maintenance it is offered. For those who regularly inspect the jack, you should be able to prevent any early leaks and keep the jack working properly. The jack is for people who might need to do some servicing of their own on the cars to make the vehicle work better. Get it today and enjoy the capability of the Torin 3-ton service jack.

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